Bill Nootenboom
Partner, The Meriwether Group
"Velody Trade is an amazing resource for anybody importing or exporting products.  At the Meriwether Group, we work with a number of businesses importing apparel and footwear.  One of the most daunting challenges for these businesses has always been negotiating the complicated regulatory world of importing, customs, and duties.   On several occasions, we have sent clients to Åsa at Velody, and every time she has handled every situation flawlessly.  She anticipates problems, thinks ahead, and finds the best solutions for her clients.  When Åsa is on the matter, I know I can just check the box.  Its handled.  Åsa has it". 
Sean Bears, President
Portland Product Werks
“If there is a more reliable and knowledgable person than Asa in this industry then I have yet to meet them. Her knowledge, research capabilities and responsiveness is world class. Quite simply Velody Trade is a pleasure to work with and has been an invaluable parter for me as we have faced trade issues in the apparel and footwear categories across several businesses these last few years. I recommend Velody Trade unequivocally.”

Stephen Kropf
Managing Director, Pele Sports USA, Inc

"Brand and Business Building 101: Stick to your core competencies and hire REALLY smart people. If I ever write a business book, this will be the title.

Pele Sports is start up number 2 for me. My first company was in a similar business, and I had a very smart partner, who also was a product designer. Together we had years of design, sales and marketing experience, and we felt we could manage the business during the start-up years and hire experts to help us as we grew. We took on every task, and learned a ton along the way. In addition to design, sales and marketing duties, we took on logistics, finance and warehouse management. In all honesty, we managed to build a pretty nice business, but in the end we did not spend enough time selling, marketing and designing great products. We were not big enough to hire full time logistics help, and had we hired Velody Trade, I'm quite sure we would have grown to be a different company. Managing a supply chain, even for a small company, has many moving parts. Experts like the Velody Group can help avoid mistakes, increase efficiencies and better manage cash flow.

Six years later, I find myself starting another company, and one of my first steps was to hire Velody. The Velody team has saved Pele Sports countless hours of customs/duty research, helped us learn about government compliance, and helped us locate reliable transportation partners. In order for us to succeed, we have to look and act bigger than what we are, and focus on our product, marketing, and our customers. With Velody as a partner, I am confident we can not only survive, but grow to be a very profitable brand."

Timothy Scobie
General Counsel/CSO, Mason Companies, Inc

"Velody Trade has been an indispensable part of a number of projects for us. The work-product and its attention to detail has been exceptional".

Maura Marshall
VP of Business Operations, STIO

"Velody Trade has made our work as a start up so much easier by making
sure our goods arrive in a timely manner and keeping the lines of
communication open to be sure we are in the know.  Working with them has
been seamless!"

Aaron Wilder
"Velody does a great job.  They are very fast and efficient.  They will bring a comfort level to any company that plans to import cargo".

Jerry  Whitener
Plant Manager, Naturally Advanced Technologies
"For a year now you have handled my shipping. I appreciate your patience,
knowledge and efficiency. I never worry about our goods getting to their

Basil Farano
Creative Technologist + Strategist
Fresh Concepts Lab
"As a company in the clothing and footwear business, with suppliers from all over Asia and Europe it can become difficult keeping track of all incoming shipments.  And when shipping to my customers on a timely basis to meet their seasonal demands can make or break my business, we rely heavily on Velody Trade to make sure we received and consolidated our incoming shipments on time."

Todd Elliott
President, Radz Brands

"Working with Velody Trade has allowed our rapidly growing company to gain
valuable expertise, and a genuine confidence level, in our operations,
therefore allowing us to focus on the core drivers of our business. Velody
Trade is a true value add partner, and a contributor to our success" 

Lisa Burns
President, Travel Pick Inc

"Working with Åsa at Velody Trade was a great experience and stress reliever. Our company was new to importing from China and Åsa acted as the liaison between our company and the Chinese company to make sure that all the shipping agreements were correct. She was able to catch a huge port mistake in the paperwork. She saved our company both transport time and money. In the end, Åsa's services were worth every penny and I would highly recommend her."

Jenna McCrory
Founder, The Gheek
"We are a small company, and we do a lot of work on our own, but when it came to logistics, it was SO much smarter and easier to have Velody Trade take care of it. Åsa really knows what she is doing. She is very efficient, organized and helpful. I would recommend Velody Trade services to anyone, small or large company. Åsa will save you time and money."
Lynnette Anderson
Product Line Manager, Nutcase
"It's been a real pleasure working with you. I will keep you in mind for future projects, and of course recommend your services."

Dave Ellingson
Chris Sports North America
"Velody Trade went above and beyond the call of duty for Chris Sports North America in services related to Product classification, transport cost efficiency, freight turn around, and overall operational effectiveness. The cost and time savings provided by Velody Trade were beyond Measure."